Our Guarantee

Hoffman Dental guarantees to cover expenses for any workmanship/material-defect issue(s) up to 5 years 1 - 5 (Coverage ends the fifth year) from the performed service:  


•    Year one we cover 100% of cost
•    Year two we cover 90% of cost
•    Year three we cover 80% of cost
•    Year four we cover 70% of cost
•    Year five we cover 50% of cost


*Restrictions and Limitations May Apply:

1. All ADA coded restorations will be free of any material defects, deficiencies or workmanships or Hoffman Dental will repair/replace, at their discretion.

2. Full treatment plan must be completed, in a timely manner^ to qualify for the "the guarantee".

3. Patient must be a continuous patient of record since the placement of the restoration in question to qualify for "the guarantee."

4. Patient MUST HAVE ATTENDED ALL SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS since the original placement of the restoration in question, without being late for any appointment, at any time.

5. Shade changes will not be covered.


^"Timely Manner" is defined as continuous, or monthly progression toward the final restorative goal; final restorative goal being completed within 1 year. Treatment plans with implants may be completed in 18 months.

* (guarantee covered services Crowns-D2740, Bridges D6245,D6740, Inlay-D2610, D2620,D2630 Onlay-D2642,D2643,D2644, Partial- D5213,D5214, Denture-D5110,D5120, Implant crowns-D6058, Veneers –D2962)