Extraction and Immediate Placement of 4 dental Implants with bone graft and PRF

Atraumatic surgical extraction for teeth #22 and #27 . Chlorehexidine used to irrigate extraction sites . Alveloplasty and socket curettage was used to remove excess granulation tissue. Simplant surgical guide is then used in combination with implant rotary handpiece to torque implant properly in areas #22 and 27.  FDBA and DFDBA cortical and cancellous bone rehydrated with reconstituted Cefixime and patient's own Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) {as shown in surgical bowl}, placed into EXT locations #17,22,23,24,25,26,27,28.  

A #15 blade was used to detach tissue from bone followed by the placement of PRF(Platelet Rich Fibrin) which aids in reducing overall healing time, swelling and discomfort. Then, placed over the PRF is Heliotape (collagen membrane), also hydrated with Patient's own PPP serum. Primary closure achieved via periosteal releasing incision, then using 4.0 PGA suture.  After closure, #22 and #27 Implants  have locator abutments and are for implant over-denture retention.