Single-Stage Implant placement on tooth #4

Single-Stage Implant placement on tooth #4.  Single-Stage Implant placement on tooth #4.  

Under the right circumstances the single-stage approach is preferable, as it avoids a second surgery and shortens treatment time.

#4 Tooth was atraumatically extracted, and a bone graft was performed 3-months earlier

Soft Tissue Punch to expose bone.

Exposing the digitally-proposed implant location

3:00 Initial osteotomy is created, Surgical implant guide is placed - Irrigation between every step, Replace surgical guide andSequential enlargement of osteotomy to obtain preplanned diameter

5:30 Increasing diameter size

6:00 Insuring bone was vital on final drill.  (If any graft would have been required the autogenous bone would have been harvested and placed simultaneously)

6:15 Implant placementCleaning and irrigation with Chlorhexidine

7:35 Torque Implant to 35 Ncm

8:30 Check bone height

9:00 Healing abutment – 30 NcmIrrigate

3 months later this patient will be ready for implant crown placement