Surgical Mandibular Extractions with Immediate Implant Placement


Patients mouth prepped with Chlorhexidine before Screw retained Surgical implant guide was placed. Salvin Tac kit was used to retain surgical guide in proper location. Implants atraumatically placed through surgical guide in tooth locations #21,23,25 and #28 and torqued to 60 Ncm. Zest Locator abutments placed on Implants #21,23,25 and 28. Periosteal elevator used to detach periosteum and dissect tissue followed by Alveloplasty.

Surgical suctions used to remove excess blood from surgical site. FDBA and DFDBA cortical and cancellous bone rehydrated with reconstituted Cefixime and patient's own Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) followed by the placement of PRF(Platelet Rich Fibrin) which aids in reducing overall healing time, swelling and discomfort. Then, placed over the PRF is Heliotape (collagen membrane), also hydrated with Patient's own PPP serum. Primary closure achieved via periosteal releasing incision, then using 3.0 Chromic Gut suture. Next step, healing phase with length of 3-4 months for bone to osseointegrate with Implant.